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by Pat Wasylkowski

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For very close to 20 years I (Pat Wasylkowski) have been recycling denim jeans. The choice of using denim in all of my Denim Creations Made by Pat, is simply because it is such a durable and fashionable material.

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Denim Creations Made by Pat
I have been always interested in trying new and different things. Each item that I create is made with a purpose and you, the consumer, in mind. I have always believed in turning out a good product and take a lot of pride in my craftsmanship.

With the help from my customer's satisfaction, I have built up my business over the years and continue to enjoy creating, sewing and meeting new patrons.

Product Descriptions: 

APRONS ($30.00 ea including taxes)
     * the aprons are made with adjustable straps around the neck and the waist. 
     * Decorative pockets are sewn on the front. 
     * Decorative trim has been used for the ladies

~ These are great for the chefs in the family or for using in the kitchen at the fall suppers. ~

PLACEMATS ($35.00 for a set of 4 or $50.00 for a set of 6 (including taxes)
     * Made from:  recycled denim and also new denim for longer strips and backings; quilt batting
     * Size:  16 inches wide by 13 inches tall
     * Care:  Machine wash and dry.  No special care has to be given.

~ Country charm comes to your table with the variegated colors of denim in these placemats. ~

SLIPPERS ($35.00 to $47.00 depending on size)
* are fully machine washable
    * very comfortable as they mold to your feet
    * warm and cozy but don't make your feet sweat as the denim allows them to breathe
    * fashionable as almonst everyone wears denim because it is such a sturdy material and with the leather soles, they will last on an average of 2 years depending upon use
    * there is no fur that will fall off or give you an allergic reaction
    * will stretch a little with wear but will go back to original size when washed
    * comes in a variety of sizes starting at a teen's 1 to men's 15
    * no two pairs of slippers are the same, so are very unique in that respect

THIS is the ultimate slipper designed. Once you try a pair on you will know how comfortable they can be. The outer slipper is made from the denim; the soles are cow hide leather and the lining is polyester fleece. Fringed edges and decorative conchos add to the unique look. ~

MICROWAVE POTATO BAG  ($12.00 each including taxes)
    * 100% light-weight recycled cotton denim
    * fire-proof batting
    * 100% cotton lining
    * Size:  11 inches by 11 inches
    * Care:  Machine wash and dry.  No special care has to be given.

~ ???? What's this ????  Well, it is a bag in which you bake your potatoes in the microwave with.  Why?  Because it takes less time and power to cook a few potatoes.  What happens is that it bakes and steams the potato so that the skin stays soft and the inside is flakier. 

     I've had customers come back and tell me that they have also cooked corn on the cob, cauliflower, broccoli, and asparagus in these bags and how wonderful everything tastes because you aren't losing your nutrients or flavor.  These bags will hold up to 4 medium size potatoes. ~

TRIVETS  ($10.00 - $25.00 each depending on size (including taxes)
    * Made from:  recycled 100% cotton denim, heat resistant lining, polyester quilt batting and cotton bias tape
    * Care:  Machine wash and dry.  No special care has to be given.
    * Size:  10 inches x 10 inches = $10.00 ea; 10 inches x 13 inches = $12.00 ea; 10 inches x 19 inches = $25.00 ea

~ Go ahead and put those hot dishes on your counter or table with these trivets under them.  What makes these trivets special is the decorative touch of using pockets with stiching on them and the colorful bias tape trim. ~

The Insulated Bag  ($20.00 each taxes included)
    * Attractive pockets have been added to the front
    * A draw string cord is used to close the bag
    * Made from: recycled denim, heat resistant lining and cotton bias tape in various colors.
    * Size:  15 inches tall x 14 inches circumference
    * Care:  Machine was and dry at any temperature

~ These tube like bags were originally designed for the traveler in mind.  When you are in a rush and don't have time to allow the hot curling iron/brush to cool down, it is so easy just to slip it into this heat resistant bag and then into your travel bags.  The pocket on the front is intended as stoarge for a brush, comb or clips.

   What was brought to my attention by a customer was that they would also be wonderful bottle holders whether it is for a bottle of water or wine.  Both will stay cool because of the insulated lining. ~

The Elegant Purse ($60.00 each, including taxes)
  * Size:  12 inches x 8 1/2 inches with adjustable strap of 50 inches

~ All designs or patterns on these purses have been taken from a pair of jeans/vest/dress so are from recycled denim.  There will never be another purse like it.

This is a mid size purse loaded with lots of style and uniqueness which really makes the design "elegant". Special features of this purse are the pockets. On the front of the purse there is wide panel with a full zipper across the top. At the back of the purse, the panel has been split into two compartments. One with a small zipper for closure and the other a velcro flap closure. A "D" ring is attached to back giving you a place to hang your keys. The inside of the purse is only partially lined with a small zipper pocket in it also. All inside seams are fully finished and hidden. ~

La Petite Purse ($30.00 each including taxes)
    * Made from:  recycled denim cloth of various weights
    * Size:  7 inches wide x 7 1/2 inches long
    * 2 zippered compartments on the front
    * fully lined with assorted materials
    * adjustable 54 inch nylon strapping is used for the shoulder strap and can be detached from the purse.
    * Fully machine washable and dryer friendly

~ If you are on the move and just need a small purse to carry around, then this may be just the one you need.  It is just the right size to carry your most used items; camera, cell phone, passport and anything else you wish to put in there.  Each individual purse has its own unique design so there are no duplicates. ~

OVEN MITTS ($20.00 a pair - one size fits all),
bottom center of picture
    * Measurements are: 8 inches or 20 cm from side of mitt to thumb; 6 inches or 15 cm span from side to side of opening; 13 inches or 33 cm in length

~ Many people, who have bought these oven mitts, have come back to me and said that they are simply the best pair that they have even owned! And what makes them the best?

It is because they are made extra long in length and with the thick padding, they protect your wrists and hands when you are draining hot liquid out of a pot or reaching into the oven. Heat proof lining on the underside of the mitt ensures that your hands are well protected.

The other nice feature of this oven mitt is that they are soft and flexible. They are made from recycled denim that has been pre-washed many times so all stiffness has been eliminated. The size of the oven mitt is another special bonus. They are made big enough for a man’s hand but also practical for a woman. The mitts slip on and off easily so you don’t have to stand there tugging at your hand to remove them. To make the oven mitts look attractive, there is a criss-cross pattern to the denim and the wrists are trimmed with colorful bias tape. Small loops have been sewn onto the sides so that they can be hung conveniently beside the stove. ~

MICROWAVE MINIS ($10.00 set of 2 round ones OR $10.00 for set of 2 oval ones - including taxes)
bottom left and right of picture
    * Made from:  recycled 100% cotton denim; heat resistant lining; cotton bias tape for decorative trim
    * Size: 4 inches long x 3 inches wide
    * Care:  Machine wash and dry.  No special care has to be given

~ When the dishes are too hot to handle after being in the microwave then use these finger savers. Crop them in the palm of your hand and use the rounded edges to pinch the edge of the hot dish to safely remove them. Make sure you have a hook attached to your microwave so you can hang these and have then handy for the next job. ~

THE GRABBER ($15.00 each - including taxes)
top center of picture
    * Made from:  new lighter weight 100% cotton denim on long pieces; recycled 100% cotton medium weight denim on hand pockets; heat resistant lining; quilt batting; decorative cotton bias tape around edges
    * Size:  32 1/3 inches long x 8 inches wide
    * Care:  Machine wash and dry.  No special care has to be given.

~ This is an easier version of an oven mitt. Quickly slip your hands into the pockets and wrap the length around to roaster or pot that you are removing. ~

HOT POT HOLDERS ($15.00 set of 2 - including taxes)
top left of picture
    * Made from:  recycled 100% cotton denim; heat resistant lining; quilt batting; cotton bias tape
    * Size:  8 1/2 inches in diameter
    * Care:  Machine wash and dry.  No special care has to be given.

~ These circular hot pot holders are perfect for taking pots off of the stove or they can double as a trivet to put the pots on. ~

SLIP ON MITT (contact seller for information)
top right of picture

Order direct through my website or email me.  I take personal cheques, money orders and MasterCard/Visa for payments.

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Tuesday - Friday, 8:30am - 7:00pm


Order online through my website or phone. Or if you are just passing by Marcelin, stop in at the house/shop.

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Denim Creations Made by Pat

Slippers, Sizes start at Teen 1 to Men 15. See description for pricing and info

  • Denim Creations Made by Pat
  • Denim Creations Made by Pat
  • Denim Creations Made by Pat
  • Denim Creations Made by Pat

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